Gordon Hinkle

Gordon Hinkle

College Esports International (CESI)

Individual Sports Entertainment Education Gaming Fan Engagement


Based in Sacramento, California

• Broad marketing and project management experience

• Financial accounting of small and large organizations (private and public sector)

• Strong ability to drive successful membership/enrollment campaigns and programs

• Vast experience in sales and product placement

• Strong fundraising and event management experience

• Over ten years of Information Technology support and solutions experience

• Strong communications ability (written and verbal)

• Ability to provide creative team building/information sharing tools

• Proven ability to deliver results in rapidly changing and energetic environments

• Proven leader in educating peers of regulations and innovations (internal and external)

• Excellent ability to work with people/teams and learn new skills

• Specialized database, web design and electronic communications experience

• Proven community volunteer and leader

• Extensive experience in social networking and developing social media tools and websites


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