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MEGAFANS (Mobile eSports Games Fanatics) is a competitive mobile gaming platform and eSports engine.

Computer Software; Las Vegas, NV

MEGAFANS is a new kind of mobile esports platform, combining casual mobile games with competitive tournaments for prizes. We invite game developers, players and partners to collaborate on this exciting endeavor!

MEGAFANS is breaking down barriers for independent game developers and game studios, allowing them to expose and test their games to a global audience with fun and friendly mobile competitions for casual gamers who choose to play just for fun and points or, level up and go for big prizes in one of our experiential weekend tournaments which are held globally.

MEGAFANS is different than other mobile game tournament platforms:

MEGAFANS is a collaborative environment, offering more favorable terms to game devs than our competitors.

MEGAFANS' senior team members have been active in gaming and development for more than 20 years each.

MEGAFANS offers an innovative approach to the esports environment that is disruptive and inclusive for all participants in the process, from independent game developers and studios to casual gamers, core competitors and brand partners, for a complete community experience within the gaming eco-system.

MEGAFANS is currently in BETA mode as of Q2 2020.

Join the MEGAFANS family to play and win!



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