Beth Tancredi Chunn

Beth Tancredi Chunn

Beth Tancredi Chunn


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Vision & Get Sh!t Done All in One | Editorial Operations, Content Marketing Strategy, Writer, Editor, Communications Professional

Currently, I'm the CEO, EIC of a political news and gaming platform called Political IQ. Our goal is to open civil discourse and make politics fun by gamifying political topics, challenging players to test their knowledge of the news and government. Working toward great things but, ya know, it's a start-up so it's slower going than I hoped.

Outside of that, I am a passionate cross-industry marketer and content strategist. I love to write and learn about industries and careers outside of my own. I'm also a single Mom of two kids - one is a competitive Valorant gamer who is now looking at college. It's because of him that I have a passion for and curiosity about esports.

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