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After retiring as a high-level sports performer and professional coach, I decided I wanted to help leaders and athletes in sports and esports understand what it really takes to improve performance and wellbeing

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I've learned what it takes to succeed, how to overcome challenges, and how to draw the best out of people and it starts with thinking.

Purposeful Thinking is clear, efficient, and certain. Energy is used on deliberate thinking and little or no wasted energy on negative thoughts all of which form a philosophy

I call this, the NEAT philosophy, which is built upon the 7 Pillars Of Growth within a framework called the NEAT system.

The NEAT system is a methodology that integrates easily into any organization or individual that wants to improve performance and wellbeing and reach goals and targets quickly.

The implementation of The NEAT system is delivered through consultancy and coaching programs.

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You deserve to thrive - let's take this journey together

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