John Barton


Coaching Individual


Executive Director, Spectrum Gaming Project

Milton, West Virginia, United States

85% of college-educated autistic adults are unemployed.

95% of autistic adults have lost a job due to their difficulty with social skills.

Social skills deficits are the primary obstacle to autistic adults retaining gainful employment and living as independently as possible. Individuals with social anxiety, NAS, PTSD, & ACES are also likely to have social skill deficits. In a post-COVID world, collective trauma can also contribute to a loss of skills.

Unfortunately, access to social skills intervention is limited; in rural areas, it’s largely non-existent.

Spectrum Gaming Project helps train local community organizations how to build social skills gaming groups as a means of bridging this gap. Our model is cost-effective, sustainable, and effective. In addition, it creates the infrastructure necessary for more direct intervention.

We are currently looking for partners with local schools, organizations, and cities.

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