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We are an esports organization based out of Miami, Fl!

Entertainment; MIAMI, FL

Esports MIA is a labor of love. It is the answer to a question asked on a whim, where is the esports scene in Miami? Founded in October of 2019 by Colin Davis and Brandon Targ, Esports MIA has been working tirelessly to ensure no one asks that same question. 

We are in this industry because we are passionate about esports. Our first tournament was played on a collection of consoles we could borrow from friends. We passed out flyers at colleges all across South Florida and waited. The 32 slots available all sold out and we haven’t looked back. From 32 person tournaments to 64 to online, we have held events throughout South Florida and don’t plan on stopping there. With competitive teams, entertaining content creators, fresh merchandise and more, Esports MIA is poised to take the next step and gain national recognition.

Guided by our passion for esports, high-level competition, and connecting with like-minded individuals, we will continue to create the esports scene in Miami that was missing when we started.

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